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Sacred Knowledge

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Join host, Taylor Mar in the pilot episode of our new web-series, 'Sacred Knowledge'. In this episode 'Quest for Fire', Taylor guides viewers along with musicians and special guests Jesse Roper and East Coast Pete through the wilds of beautiful Vancouver Island. Here, the boys will be challenged to create fire using ancient techniques. Will they survive, or suffer a long, frigid night in the woods? Would you be able to make a fire to withstand the cold? Click the image below to watch our first episode.

And for those who would not survive, we've also made some immersive, focused, 360-degree video tutorials, so that you can learn exactly what you need to do to create a friction fire! We'll walk you through the process of building your own bow drill kit and the techniques to using it, step by step.

You can find our 360-degree tutorials at these links:
Part 1: - Sourcing materials for your Bow Drill Fire Kit
Part 2: - Carving your Bow Drill Fire Kit
Part 3: - Using your Bow Drill Fire Kit

We designed this series to bring a community of knowledge keepers together to share their valuable information and skill sets. Each episode will be supported by a growing library of 360-degree, immersive tutorials in order to reclaim these vital, lost arts. Be sure to share the series with all your adventuring friends, because you never know when disaster will strike. This the 'Sacred Knowledge' that could save lives!