Tribal Leaders

SACRED KNOWLEDGE:TRIBAL LEADERS™ is a survival card game with four ways to play. It can be used as a regular deck of playing cards, as well as dominos, chess/checkers, and most importantly SACRED KNOWLEDGE:TRIBAL LEADERS™. This fun and informative card game is suitable for ages 6+ and 2-4 people can play per deck.

Break into tribes, choose your currency and either fight or team up to survive the relentless onslaught of disasters. Can you survive? But wait….There's more!

At its heart, this is a handy collection of fundamentally important knowledge that fits right in your pocket. This information could enrich or even possibly save your life, as well as provide countless hours of entertainment for family and friends. Great for camping, the glove compartment, the emergency kit, road trips, and LIFE!

RAGNAROCK STUDIOS LTD™ will donate 25% of the profits from each deck sold to help improve the world, through supporting missions such as: humanitarian efforts, clean rivers and oceans, clean air and soil initiatives, planting trees, protecting habitat and saving threatened and endangered species.

With your support, this will be the first of many decks to come, including pet care, science, cooking, work safety and more! Pocket hacks for life! Please join us in helping to support more resilient and confident people, while also making the world a better place for us all!



Tribal Leaders Tribal Leaders Tribal Leaders

Did you find a golden ticket? Well you better contact us for your epic surprise prize!
What's that? You didn't find a golden ticket? Well, you better buy another deck then!

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